Humidity Control

Why humidity control?

Indoor Air Quality

The diagram on the right shows the effect of controlling humidity in a building space.  As a building is "buttoned up" to improve energy efficiency,  indoor air quality tends to deteriorate.  By independently controlling humidity Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mites and Allergens can be reduced or eliminated. 
The health of building occupants has become a loaded gun for building owners who unknowingly are subjecting building occupants to poor indoor air quality.

Energy Conservation

When humidity is controlled the set point temperature of the space can be raised without sacrificing the comfort of the building occupant.  The diagram on the right illustrates that a room thermostat can be set as high as 78 degrees and it will remain comfortable for the building occupant as long as the humidity is controlled around 50%.  For every degree that you can raise your thermostat a savings of 5% to 7% of your air conditioning energy costs can be obtained.  In a new building our system can reduce the air conditioning load by 30%!

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